Ryan Gordon

Ryan Gordon

UI/UX Javascript Developer with 15+ years of front-end experience in the Atlanta area.


Responsive Web Design
WordPress / CMSs

Javascript / Frameworks

d3, GraphJS, ApexCharts, Grafana
Multiple API Integrations
Gulp.js / Grunt Automation Tools

Project Management

Agile Methodologies
Certified Scrum Master
Git Source Control
Jira Workflows

Vecima – UI/UX Developer

Duluth, GA / Atlanta, GA – June 2015 – Current
  • Front End Development for multiple products [Aquari, ECS, IQ]
  • HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, React and JavaScript implementations.
  • Custom API integration with multiple services and frameworks like d3 and zabbix
  • Complete UI/UX reworkings and iterative polish
  • Other work types including research and development, WordPress administration and marketing assistance, planning quarterly development summits and scrum mastering.

HD Video and Web Design – Freelance Assignments (part-time)

Atlanta, GA – 2012 – Current
  • Clients Include:
    • TechForum Consulting
    • Lark Languages
    • Charles River Apparel
    • Caveonix

Montra Solutions – UI/UX Developer (part-time)

Atlanta, GA – August 2019 – Current
  • Front End Development for Via Product
  • HTML5, CSS3, Vue JavaScript implementations.
  • UI/UX reworkings and iterative polish

RealTheory – UI/UX Developer (part-time)

Atlanta, GA – August 2018 – June 2020
  • Front End Development for RealTheory Product
  • HTML5, CSS3, Angular JavaScript implementations.
  • Custom API integration with multiple services and frameworks like d3
  • Groundup design and UI/UX reworkings and iterative polish

Turnstile Media Group – Web Developer

Orlando, FL – May 2006 – June 2015
  • Front End Development utilizing HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, and JavaScript
  • Back End Development utilizing Django, Python, ExpressJS, API integration, and ASP
  • Large breadth of work types including news driven sites, data driven sites, e-commerce solutions, email browser compliant newsletters, analytics, and SEO

Eventstreams – Digital Media Producer

Atlanta, GA – April 2003 – May 2006
  • Designed and Developed Live/On-Demand Video Streaming sites tailored to the Client in ASP, HTML, and CSS

Higher Learning

Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, GA – 2015 - 2016

Online Masters of Computer Science courses (2)

University of Georgia

Athens, GA – May 2003

Bachelor of Arts, Telecommunications

Continuing Education

  • Udacity: React Nanodegree
  • Coursera: Intro to User Experience Design Certificate
  • TestDome: HTML/CSS, JS Certificate
  • Intro to Interactive Programming in Python (PYTHON101)
  • Introduction to Linux. (LFS101x)
  • Sabermetrics 101 (SABR101)
  • GT: Introduction to Health Informatics (CS6440)
  • GT: Computer Networks (CS6250)
  • Montra Solutions VideoDrome Browser

    Ground up design and development of informative movie browser using Vue framework with API integration.
  • Montra Solutions Via

    Ground up design and development of warehouse management and analytics using Vue framework.
  • Vecima Homepage

    Custom WordPress Site
  • TechForum Consulting Homepage

    Custom One-Page WordPress Site
  • Vecima MediaScaleX // IQ - UI

    New style/layout using materialui and React. Redesigned with better UX in mind.
  • Vecima MediaScaleX // Storage - UI

    Front End conversion to AngularJS. New style/layout using bootstrap. Redesigned with UX in mind.
  • Concurrent Computer Corporation Administrative Panel for Network Management (ECS)

    Massive integration of OpenSource Projects TrafficOps, OpenNMS, Grafana and Laguna with a custom AngularJS based administrative panel featuring custom dashboards and configuration forms.
  • Golfweek Massive Responsive Website

    Custom Django backend CMS and migration of several detached sites to increase load times and administrative ease. Redesigning, from the ground up, responsive framework and mobile-friendly functionality.
  • Golfweek Mobile App/Browser Breaking Golf News Site

    Turnstile Media Group - AngularJS, PhoneGap/Cordova, CMS Integration (app, responsive mobile & desktop)
  • The Golf Wire Golf Business News and Newsletters

    Turnstile Media Group - AngularJS, Node.js, Express.js, database migration (responsive mobile & desktop) - 2 week rush delivery
  • GolfStat Live Golf Scoring

    Turnstile Media Group - AngularJS, archaic data integration (responsive mobile & desktop)